24th Golden Gavel & Marvin Heintz Awards Announced

The Lockwood School District has achieved once again an award and tradition that other school districts throughout the state of Montana cherish and covet.  It was announced last week at the Lockwood School board meeting that all school board members had achieved the desired classes and informational meetings required through out the year in order to achieve the award again for the 24th year.  Even though there are new school board trustees elected each year, it says something about the organization and focus of the school administration and board.  Trustees on the school board this year include Chairman Tim Sather, Vice Chair Sue Vinton, trustee members Peter Freivalds, Kat Luhman,  Don Reed,  Tamara Spillum, and Jen Wagner.

In addition to the Golden Gavel Award recognition, Trustee member Tamara Spillum was informed that she will be the recipient of the Marvin Heintz Award and will receive that award at the MSEL conference next week during the education conference.

The MTSBA Golden Gavel Award is bestowed on those school districts whose entire Board became “Certified” in the same twelve month period. As Lockwood has the longest standing winning of the award, its something for the Lockwood community to be proud of.

For more info regarding the Lockwood School District, visit here. 

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