The 300+ Campaign !!!


300+signIf you don’t know what that means, Then ask someone from Lockwood! 


What’s the Buzz about, you ask?  It’s 300+,  but of what you ask?


Here’s two responses that we received.  Enjoy for now, but please pass the info around as you ask others what does 300+ mean?


Well,  that would be my monthly summer watering bill. – That is incorrect! (I don’t want to live in Billings if that is the case)

I am someone from Lockwood, and I don’t know what  “300+” means.  Could you provide a little background?  (of which I responded, “Did you go to the community meeting last night? if not, then ask someone who did attend”)


Have you seen the signs in the community that say 300+ ?  look out for them as we kick off the 300+ campaign!

Please ask someone who knows what it means!


Please add your name to this facebook list of those planning to attend. Also, please invite all those associated with Lockwood to the page and invite them to attend as well.





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