Pavement & Asphalt update on Lockwood Roads

Have you noticed the construction zones in Lockwood?  How about the new pavement on Old Hardin Road?  Here is some information regarding the asphalt restoration that Yellowstone County has agreed to help contribute.  Here is to some of the tax dollars at work in Lockwood!

: Yellowstone County has agreed to contribute

$480,000 to offset restoration costs in the sewer project, and additionally has committed to providing another $192,000 in asphalt replacement funding to upgrade the streets in Lockwood in conjunction with the Phase 2 Sewer project, for a total investment from the County of $672,000 in asphalt replacement. All existing asphalt streets where sewer is installed will be repaired and overlaid with 2” of asphalt upon completion of the sewer installation.

For more info regarding the Lockwood Water  & Sewer District, visit here for additional info. 

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