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Representative Jonathan McNiven – Montana House of Representatives – House District 44

Greetings friends, constituents, locals and community members,

It has been some months since I’ve contacted you regarding my position as your State Representative in House District 44, which expands from parts of Huntley through Lockwood to Blue Creek and Briarwood.   Even though the 63rd Legislative session has come and gone; I want you to know that my job does not end until the next Legislative session.  I have been blessed to continue to represent you at county meetings, community meetings and activities throughout my district since I’ve been back from Helena.

In particular, the main part of my district is Lockwood and there are some good enhancements and changes that have come and are coming to the area from businesses, services, and products that allow the local area to be more self-reliant. As many of you know, plans for the future of Lockwood are continuing to flourish and I encourage you to be a part of the conversation.

For example, the Yellowstone County Commissioners have planned another public community meeting regarding the lighting and sidewalk district that will take place at the Lockwood School on Thursday Sept 26, 2013 at 6pm in the Blue Room.  I would invite you to be present at this meeting and let your County Commissioners know what you think about the plans.  If you are not going to be there, please send me your feedback and comments to jonathanmcniven@gmail.com as I would be happy to relate your information to your county representatives regarding the go-ahead of the proposed lighting and sidewalk district.

Two days before that on Sept 24-25, there is a Lockwood Community Assessment being completed.  A resource team of outside experts are coming on Monday and Tuesday to listen to you, the community members.  The team will hold 6 different listening sessions during the two days at which they will get your feedback as well.  Some of the feedback they want to hear about is your opinion with major problems, challenges, strengths and assets in the community as well as what projects you would like to see in the future.  If you are not able to attend any of these meetings, send your feedback directly the Lockwood Steering committee at lockwoodcommunityassessment@gmail.com.

I want to publicly thank all those community members who spend countless hours in being involved with projects like this and the community assessment project. With the community involvement and support from local businesses, individuals and groups; I’m sure the Lockwood Steering committee is grateful for all the donations, volunteers and financial help for the MEDA assessment so please take the time to support them and their efforts in getting community feedback for a better Lockwood.

Finally, I’m sure you have noticed but take a moment to think about the new things coming, progress made along with upgrades and expansions within the Lockwood area.  Talks of a new hotel are being finalized for the Lockwood area.  We are waiting on the final EIS (Environment Impact Study) regarding the North End Bypass (Road from Johnson Lane to the Billings Heights) to be approved on a federal level in order to get that road and connection initiated within the next couple years.  A new Whalen Tire store has opened up off Old Hardin Road which will enhance the local businesses and community for tire repairs, automotive services and truck support.  Lockwood IGA has expanded its building space and has new features in the store. Fly-in Lube & Wash has remodeled and added some new building space.  Pacific Steel has a new car crusher now in Lockwood as well as Montana Peterbilt is now completed and in operation at the junction of interstate 90 and Interstate 94. This is but a few of the many changes happening so I invite you to be a part of the conversation and/or let me know if there is anything I can do for you.  My contact info is always available online, by email at jonathanmcniven@gmail.com or by phone at 406-672-5941.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you! I hope you had a good summer!

Representative Jonathan McNiven is currently serving his 2nd term for the Montana House of Representatives for House District 44.

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