Tax Revenues & Traffic Safety Expenditures in Lockwood

Over the years, there have been many plans, assessments and analysis completed for the Lockwood Area. Recently, MT Legislative Services completed an audit on tax revenues and expenditures for the Lockwood area.  Previous plans from 2006 and 2008 have also been posted below for those looking for these plans.

The following information summarizes information relating to highways tax revenues and traffic safety expenditures in the Lockwood area of Billings in recent fiscal years. Information was sourced from the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), the Montana Department of Revenue (DOR), and Yellowstone County. Unless otherwise stated, we have defined the Lockwood area of Billings to include all the properties and roads within the Lockwood School District (see attached map). This memo addresses highways tax revenues and traffic safety expenditures separately.

Funding for highway construction and maintenance, and other transportation projects comes from federal, state and local sources. For the purposes of this analysis, we are restricted to a discussion of tax revenues reported by state and local governments in Montana. At the state level, the main source of highways tax revenues is fuel tax collections. The MDT reported gasoline and diesel fuel tax collections for the past three fiscal years for Yellowstone County. The following table shows fuel tax collections for Yellowstone County and also estimates the proportion of these tax revenues that are attributable to the residents of the Lockwood School District.

Feel free to view the full Document for the Lockwood area per Legislative Services from January 2013.

Highways tax revenues and traffic safety expenditures in the Lockwood area of Billings, (click to view full document)

The purpose of the following Lockwood Community Plan from 2006 is to assist the residents of Lockwood, Yellowstone County, the City of Billings, the five Lockwood service districts, and developers in making informed choices when determining how to accommodate new development, plan for infrastructure improvements and address changes in land use in Lockwood. The community plan is not a regulatory document. It has been adopted by Yellowstone County for planning purposes as part of the City of Billings and Yellowstone County Growth Policy. This plan includes general and specific recommendations to protect and preserve the Lockwood Community’s identity, unique character, and the quality of life of its residents by seeking improvements and making recommendations as to future planning and growth for Lockwood. The plan provides information to encourage sound decision-making and promote government and resident action to improve Lockwood. In the fall of 2003, the Lockwood Transportation District approached the Planning and Community Services Department to assist Lockwood in developing a community plan to further clarify and implement the findings of the Lockwood Community Visioning Project 2002. The Lockwood Steering Committee formed to help guide the community planning process and has collected information from residents and other sources to write this community plan.

Feel free to view the full 2006 Lockwood Community Plan here. (Can’t upload yet as file is too big-please be patient as info is uploaded)

Here is another Plan that was completed.  Lockwood Safe Routes to School MasterPlan



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