School Recieves $3,000 From Exxonmobil, Approves Pre-school

The Lockwood School Board meeting for December opened with some good news from Pam Malek from Exxonmobil with a presentation to Gordan Klasna for $3,000.  The money will go to help support the increase in needed supplies incurred due to enrollment in the Eileen Johnson Middle School of which Mr. Klasna is the Principal.

Also, at the school board meeting, was the approval to pilot a new pre-school program for Lockwood presented by Superintendent Tobin Novasio.  As Lockwood is disproportionate to the number of low income families in the area, this opportunity allows low-income families to participate who normally don’t qualify for Head Start and other private pre schools in the area. The approved proposal will require a certified elementary teacher for 92 days and cost just over $14,000 plus about $10,000 in benefits.

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