Exxonmobil will not Protest Taxes

Lockwood Community members along with others are grateful to hear that ExxonMobil will not protest their taxes this year.  It’s always been a concern for previous and former Lockwood Superintendent Eileen Johnson and has been a concern to the new Superintendent Tobin Navasio since he started in July 2012, but no one was happier to receive the news than Lockwood School board trustees and local citizens.

As ExxonMobil has been an integral part within the Lockwood community, their support of local groups, the school and community has been appreciated all the way around.  In contrast, if Exxon protested their taxes, it would eventually become the responsibility of the county, school, and citizens of Lockwood that would end up supporting more of the school in one way or another, especially since a good portion of the taxes from Exxon supports the school, staff and most importantly; students.

Check out the whole Big Sky Business Journal article about the good news.  However, here’s a part that reporter Evelyn Pyburn puts in perspective for us.


A significant portion of the Lockwood School Budget is funded by taxes paid by ExxonMobil. A tax protest would impact the availability of the tax revenues to the school as well as to School District 2.

ExxonMobil officials said they met, last week, in an “informal” meeting with the Lockwood School Board and Superintends of Lockwood School and School District 2, and the Yellowstone County Commissioners.

ExxonMobil is not delaying a protest because they believe they have been assessed correctly. In a statement released, the company said that “Should the current protests in which our competitors are involved result in substantially lower assessments, ExxonMobil will consider future appeals to obtain equitable taxation treatment.  “

Company officials said that they will be monitoring the property tax bills expected to be proposed during the next legislative session and will support those they view as improving the assessment process in the State.

Exxon is the only one of three refineries in the county which has not protested their taxes over the past four years. The company’s 2012 tax bill in Yellowstone County is $5.5 million.

Check out more news and info from the Big Sky Business Journal here

Here’s to another reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving holiday season!  

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