Lockwood Middle School News 4 You

For those interested in School News, LMSN4U which stands for Lockwood Middle School News 4 U has a new feature, a new news program.  This news feature gives the middle schoolers an opportunity to keep up on the new things around the school as well as give the students an opportunity to be the reporters, anchors, camerman, and editors.

In the spring of 2012, the Lockwood Middle School News 4 U team was interviewed by local news broadcaster Angela Douglas from KTVQ and also learned some tips in broadcasting.   Her segment was then shown on the local KTVQ news broadcast.  School news broadcast and segments have then been completed.  The first segment of the news for LMSN4U includes an interview with the new Superintendent Tobin Navasio along with a segment by the Mrs. Freivalds, the school librarian along with the school garden. Feel free to check out the school website for more Lockwood Middle School News 4 You broadcast here and webpage here!!   Until then, feel free to watch her segment about the  LSMN4U here.



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