Additional Spring Flooding Aid Now Available

Montana’s farmers and ranchers affected by last spring’s record flooding in the Huntley Project areas will now have access to additional resources to restore the damaged farm and ranch land.  This aid is also available to farmers and ranchers outside of Huntley, Worden, Ballantine and Pompeys Pillar that were affected by the 2011 floods from Briarwood to Pryor Creek and beyond.

Montana will receive more than $1 million to aid farmers and ranchers affected by the flooding.  The Emergency Conservation funding will go to Montana’s Farm Service Agency, where affected producers can apply for aid.

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Montana’s Senator Tester sponsored an amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill in October to fully fund the Emergency Conservation Program.

“Many Montana’s farmers and ranchers were affected by the severe flooding last spring,” Tester said.  “This aid will help producers restore their land to allow them to get back to making a living.”

In November, Tester joined with Senator Max Baucus in calling on USDA to provide assistance to eight Montana counties most affected by the 2010 flooding.

The Emergency Conservation Program provides emergency assistance to farmers and ranchers to restore agricultural land damaged by natural disasters.

For more info about the aid available, feel free to contact Andrea Helling or Dan Malessa at  (202) 228-0371.


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