Legislative Update-Rep Jonathan McNiven

Representative Jonathan McNiven

Hello friends of Yellowstone County and House District 44. I send my greetings from Helena as the Montana Legislature kicked off its 62nd session and the first week is now behind us. It’s been a busy week getting everything organized while listening to house joint meetings about the budget concerns. Over 2,000 separate bills or bill requests have been introduced in the first week alone. As one out of one hundred members in the House of Representatives, I’ll get to vote on those that make it to a vote of the full house, and on some of them in committee. I have been assigned to the Business and Labor, Agriculture and Education committees.

In our first day in session, we elected Mike Milburn of Great Falls as the Speaker of the House. In conjunction with the leadership in the Senate, Speaker Milburn has released a five point plan for our legislative agenda. The first item in that plan is growing jobs and the economy. Right alongside job growth is common sense development of our natural resources. We also need to deliver educational excellence. We are also working hard to reduce the size and scope of government while finding ways to help government run efficiently. While our friends and neighbors in Montana are tightening their belts to get through the tough times, the government should too.

I’ve been grateful for the constituents and citizens that have come up to Helena, sent me emails and/or called and I hope that you will let me know what is on your mind. This legislative session will be an interesting one and know that I have some big shoes to fill all while looking forward to the opportunity.

Please feel free to contact me throughout the session with your ideas and input. They call this job a “representative” for a reason. I’m supposed to represent you. Let me know what is on your mind by calling (406) 444-4800 or 406 672-5941

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