Skylights, vinyl or carpeting… HP board gets down to details of school planning

by Sharon Michaels 

WORDEN — The Huntley Project School Board, JGA Architects president Terry Sukut and construction manager at risk Brent Sumner held a work meeting on Tuesday, April 13 to review “add alternates,” a list of extra items for the new 6-12 school.

“Our goal is to understand where the budget stands and to proceed with the selection of time sensitive items,” said Superintendent Wes Coy. The board was then given a list of estimated construction expenses already incurred or known and the estimated income from all sources.

Maximum expenses totaled $13,630,029 and estimated income from all sources was $18,600,000.

Sukut gave the board a list of alternatives the board could review and decide what they wanted. They included: upper level bleachers that would consist of 500 seats that would be retractable and handicap accessible, lockers, base cabinets for classrooms, motion sensors for plumbing fixtures, exterior canopies, skylight drapes, phenolic (heavy plastic) toilet partitions, additional well field for the existing elementary school, glass guard rails, vinyl flooring pattern, ceramic tile patterns, maple stage floor, Solatube skylights, commons skylight, tile wainscot in corridors, carpet in classrooms, site work, stage curtain, gym divider curtain, outside concrete benches, expanded gym and kitchen equipment.

All items were discussed by the board, but final decisions will be ongoing as needed for the different phases of the construction.

The board members liked the commons skylight, no carpets in classrooms (vinyl holds up better), a maple stage floor, base cabinets in classrooms, exterior canopies and the extra well field for heating the elementary building as the elementary boiler is old and will have to be replaced.

Glass guardrails for the staircase were set aside for later discussion, and motion sensors for plumbing were not needed. Coy explained they would have more discussions with cook Dona Kruse about the kitchen items. The board all agreed the site in front of the CTE building needed paving and curbs.

“The skylights in the hallways would be great for natural lighting,” said community member Rick Rogers.

Sukut also explained the elementary foundation distress was caused by water drainage. “It is significant we drain the water away from the foundation,” added Sukut. The board agreed.

“We have applied for the legacy grant and if we receive it, we will be able to get more work done with the CTE building and the elementary,” said Coy.

Also, donated money that has a usage stipulation will be accounted for, he added.

The board met again on Thursday, April 15, to hear the new building’s guaranteed maximum price. Rogers asked about bonding on bidders. Sumner replied, “We do not entertain any bidder without bid security. They have to honor the contracts.”

The regular school board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, in the trailer now being used for the high school commons area. The regular board room has been demolished to make room for the new school. The new board room will not be housed in the new school; possibly in the art building, but no decision has been reached.

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