Four out of five school districts to use mail ballots

by Jeanne Travisono

HUNTLEY – School board elections this year are set for Tuesday, May 3, and Shepherd, Huntley Project, Lockwood and Pioneer districts will be using mail ballots instead of polling places. The Custer district will hold a traditional election. 

The deadline for application for the nine school board seats up for election is by 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 25.

For new voters or voters new to the school districts, voter registration closes April 4. Contact the Yellowstone County Elections Office to register.

One seat will be open on the Huntley Project School Board this year, a three-year term currently held by Mark Fox, chairman. Forms are available at the clerk’s office.

The Huntley Project election will be conducted by mail ballot only.

The Shepherd School District will have three, three-year seats open, currently held by chairperson Kim Halverson and trustees Kirk Brumfield and Kristy Parrish. Parrish represents the Pioneer district on Shepherd’s school board, so nominees for that seat must live in the Pioneer district. Only Pioneer district residents can vote for that seat.

Nominating petitions are available from district clerk Janice Ripley in the administration building next to the elementary school.

The election will be conducted by mail ballot only.

Pioneer School Board will have one seat open this year, currently held by Dave Gilbert. Nominating petitions are available in the school office for the three-year term. This election will also be held by mail ballot only.

At Custer, one seat will be open, currently held by Lee Perrin. Forms are available from the school clerk.

Because there is only one position open, voters are allowed to sign only one nomination petition.

The election will be a regular election, with the school as the polling place.

Three three-year seats are open on the Lockwood School Board, currently held by Peter Freivalds, Jason Hamrick and Tim Sather.

Nominating petitions are available from the school business office in the administration building, or from the county election department on the first floor of the county courthouse downtown.

The Lockwood election will be by mail ballot only.

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