County attorney reviewing evidence in assault on boy

Staff Report

WORDEN — Evidence surrounding the assault on a freshman boy by two Huntley Project sophomores is being studied by the county attorney’s office.

Sheriff Jay Bell said Monday his investigation was completed and has been turned over to the attorneys.

The assault, which was sexual in nature, occurred Nov. 17 in a locker room at the Worden school.

The suspects were members of the Huntley Project football program but were kicked off the squad by Coach Jay Santy after he learned of the incident.

Sheriff Bell said his investigation was focused only on two boys.

“I am not aware of any others being involved,” he said.

If charges are filed against the suspects, a summons could be issued mandating a court appearance or deputies could be sent to the Project to make physical arrests. The two were never arrested during the sheriff’s investigation of the incident.

The school board expelled the two boys during a closed-door hearing Dec. 16.

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