Huntley Stroll prize winners list

Those who haven’t picked up their prizes yet may do so at R & R Trading before Jan. 10th.

Gingerbread Contest

1. Lana Three Irons: $25 Huntley Bucks, oven stick from YCN

2. Rosa Johnson: Ice scraper donated by Nemont, oven stick from YCN

3. Tied between Jaxen Dean and Madison Rohrer: Key ring from Nemont, oven stick from YCN

Huntley Stroll Prizes

Morgan McCarty: $100 Huntley Bucks; Hanna Roth: $50 Huntley Bucks; Marlene Smith: $30 Huntley Bucks

Stacey Dean, Faith Fortuno, Bev Kuck: Nemont keychains

Phil Frieling, Suzie Brammer, Ron Ohlin, Ian Watters: United Harvest hats

Kira Huck: OPI lotions from Hair Corral

Rebecca Roth: $25 gift certificate, Parkside Deli

Aaron Ketterling: $50 gift certificate, Burchett Tax Service

Abagail Anstad: $25 gift certificate, Strokers

Marcia Miller: Fishing supplies, The Minnow Bucket

Teresa Morse, McKenzie Bender, Joyce Koch: Nemont ice scrapers

Wyatt Hayden: Nemont stadium chair

Terry Gabel: Fire extinguisher, Worden Fire Dept.

Kathy Ketterling: Smoke detector, Worden Fire Dept.

Shaun Combs: Pliers set, R & R Hardware

Dustin Hillar: Seasons Greetings sign, R & R Trading

Bill Bender: Liquor basket, Pryor Creek Bar

Nate Jermunson: Gift certificate, Pryor Creek Cafe

Andy Torres: Stockman Bank coffee cups

Alex McCarty: Stockman Bank coffee

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