Huntley Project Tries to Rebiuld

Well, as many of you might know or don’t know, there has been some stir about the Huntley Project High school and the rebiulding process.  From trying to hire a public adjuster to what process should be taken to demolish the High School, to a new mascot.  It’s sure taken public interest in the process though.  

However, the articles in the Yellowstone County News have also taken on another stir about whether the school mascot should be changed from the phoenix which has significance or history from rising from the ashes.  As the Red Devil has been the school mascot from the beginning,  the community response has been a solid NO for a proposed new school mascot. 

I had to laugh when I got calls from community members about the proposed school mascot and for this reason.  The Huntley Project High School area is traditional and has a long history of generations of family members who graduated there.  The way things have been done in this spread out community doesn’t seem to change much from one decade to another.  However, new ideas, progeny, and more trophies seem to come to this community of which brings pride.  I don’t see much of the school mascot changing in the near future. 

What's New with the Huntley Project

Now while the Huntley Project Boys Basketball team played Shepherd High School last saturday,  what was exciting to see is the two top ranked teams that were undefeated came to the rivalry showdown and went into overtime.  Yep, that’s right, Shepherd won the basketball game in overtime.  It will be interesting to see what happens when it comes to district and state tournaments.  However, word on the street is that Huntley is waiting until it counts to beat Shepherd so we’ll see.  Now, one doesn’t have to guess how good the Huntley Project High School Football team was this year as they brought home the state championship.  Check out the trophy here