The Lizard Head

So the other day, I was in sleeping when Tana went to work and Gage comes running in and says, “Dad, I got a lizard stuck in my nose!” Well, as far as I could see with one eye open, I couldn’t see anything wrong with Gage’s nose but the directness and seriousness of his approach seemed to make me want to investigate further. So I proceeded with the find out questions and investigation while I looked into his nose and didn’t see anything until lo and behold I saw something lodged into his nostril. Now at this point, my eyes dialated, heart rythym increased, sense of urgency spiked while trying to understand how in the world he could of gotten something up in his nose so far. I could barely see it. Well, his other nostril was working fine and he could talk and breath through his mouth so I proceeded to think how I was going to somehow dislodge this “Lizard”. First thought was to just have him blow it out. (yeah right, like that’s going to work since he’s been trying to do that since before he told me.) But I had him do it anyway to no avail. Next step was to get the tweezers and reach up in his nostril and pull it out.

Well, you can imagine the sensitivity up in your nose and not just in the front part but way up in there. (and I mean father than when you pick your nose with your pinky), Well, everytime I tried to even get my tweezers half the way up in there, Gage would flinch and say “No Dad No”. I knew it was not going to be easy after about 15-20 minutes of Gage cryin. I told him we will just have to go to the Hospital and have the doctor get it out somehow and I was convinced that I would have to go to the hospital. The reason for my decision was due to the inability to be able to pinch or grab the lizard because of all the slimy boogers (spelling) in his nose.

Everytime I would be able to touch the lizard it would move farther into his nose and I had no way to be able to get my tweezers around it. (Stay with me here, your already this far, might as well read the rest) so I persisted to dig on Gage’s behalf. Well, I finally got frustrated enough that I told Gage that I was going to get the needle-nose pliers to get it out. Well, that was a good thought until I put them up to his nose to find I couldn’t

So after awhile, I was able to snag the rubber lizard and pull it out to my surprise. I couldn’t believe how big it was when it came out and it was only the head of the lizard! and then try to understand how it even got in there in the first place. Either way, I was glad that we got it out and that we didn’t have to go to the hospital afterall.

After it was all done. Gage thanked me and said, “Dad, I won’t put lizards in my nose anymore”. I had to laugh though when it was all said and done though.

I thought I’d share since it wasn’t an everyday occurrance.

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